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General Forum Rules

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General Forum Rules

Post  Crusnik on Sun Feb 28, 2010 6:13 pm

Every section will be monitored by the staff

rules against:

Posting content that is absolutely unrelated to the topic, or very brief responses which do not contribute to the thread . Posting something that has no relevancy to the thread.
(Use private messages, the chatbox)

hostile and insulting interaction between Internet users, also malacious, discriminatory, racist, bigoted, or undesired sexual comments are not allow here.

Disrespect of Authority
Centered on an admin/moderator actions, judgment or activities. The staff does not tolerate any form of verbal abuse from users and will deliver an infraction for such actions.

Double Posting & Bumping
No double posting allow here please use "edit" to add information to your post or thread.

Thanks for cooperate.

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